Katelyn Abbott


Who We Are

At Abbott Accounting we have over 12+ years of experience with accounting services. We offer bookkeeping services, tax preparation, payroll and more! We have helped many clients reconstruct their financial situations making sure your money is where it should be which is in YOUR POCKET, not the IRS. With several years of tax experience we do our best to make sure you are NOT over paying in your taxes as well as paying as LOW as humanly possible!! Find out more details on how we can change your business today ! “Less Taxing, More Relaxing”


Established in 2015.

Abbott Accounting has been in business since 2015 officially. Katelyn Abbott, Owner of the company started this business back in 2015 as a side hustle job and turned it into her full time career path. Katelyn was just your average bookkeeper for many other companies serving many types of industries learning about them and how they operate. In 2019 she took a path into the tax field and that’s when Abbott Accounting Solutions LLC started the ground running. Katelyn has 12+ years of accounting experience. Katelyn, a single mother of a young boy who she thrives off of taking care of him, her family, friends and yes that also includes her clients! She says if they don’t succeed well neither do I. Katelyn is very compassionate about what she does and understands the importance of having a good financial plan for that FREEDOM we all are looking for. She is extremely knowledgeable in the accounting and tax industry. Contact her today to learn more about how her firm can help you succeed!