I used Abbott Accounting this past year to clean up my tax returns. Katelyn welcomed me with honesty and transparency from start to finish. I came to her overwhelmed with the process and she made things so easy and comforting. No matter what the situation is I would highly recommend her for all your accounting needs. She gained my trust immediately and will be using her moving forward!

Thomas D.

I've been working with Abbott Accounting Solutions for 3 years. I appreciate their availability to answer my questions about recording transactions correctly. We review my profit and loss statements together each month and I value her advice. I feel confident with the estimated tax service she provides. The book keeping and estimated are in good hands with Abbott Accounting Services. I can focus on my customers and services.

Irene H.

Abbott Accounting Solutions really helped me when I was in a bind. I did my own taxes and would have owed money but Katelyn found mistakes I had made and saved me from having to pay when I didn't have to.

Christopher P.

Katelyn is incredible at what she does. As a new small business owner It can be challenging to keep everything in line for tax season, but Katelyn is always there to save the day! She is intelligent, patient, kind, and easy to talk to! I highly recommend her and her team.

Antonia S.

Katelyn is incredibly helpful and thorough which is a huge weight off my shoulders as a new business owner. She helped me solve the mess I made in my first year of business and create a plan for a smoother second year. I feel a lot more confident with her help!

Leanne H.

Katelynn has been our Business and tax accountant for a couple years now and always does her best work for us. I could be more thankful for someone with the vast knowledge she provides to keep our businesses and personal finances in balance. She's top of the line!

Todd A.

Being a new business owner comes with a lot of pressure to do things thoroughly. Katelyn has been with me since the beginning, and has helped me with every possible road block through this journey. She has made running my business EASY and she is so easy to communicate with. I can't recommend her enough!!

Jasmine B.

Katelyn goes above and beyond to help me and my small business. She streamlines everything and makes the process very easy. I can't recommend Abbott Accounting Solutions enough!

Kyle S.

Abbott accounting is great! They went through my Books cleaned it all out. Things are back on Track.

Michael T.

Kate knows the ins and outs of small business and was more than willing to work with me all year to make tax time so much easier. More importantly she knows the trades and the different needs business in the trades have.

Justin R.

Katelynn and her team are the best around !' By far !!. Will not be disappointed.

Nick T.